Meet Your
Safe Mail.
Just Mail is a secured email platform based
on a distributed storage network and i2p.
Dare to Be
handle the rest.

Just Mail helps you safely exchange emails,
photos, files and any secrets with people using
any email platform.

We don’t collect any data or show you annoying
ads. Our platform is designed so that we can’t
read or share what you say and do.

Your Personal Encryption.
Just Mail encryption is based on decades of tried and true
AES algorithms, public and private keys & some magic.
Make a Funny
Take a selfie, make a pic
of your cat, upload a
family photo or the sun
on the horizon. No
one will know what
put there.
Wait Just
a Minute.
Your photo is actually
a huge array of
completely random
data that help us to
generate your unique
Get Your
Unique Keys.
Our algorithm selects
parts of the photograph’s
code and places them
into keys, making them
100% secure and entirely
When user sends a email, our app encodes it, divides it and saves it
into the distributed network. The addressee receives a magnet link
( similar to torrent ) that allows him
to get his email via random nodes .
One Click
Just Mail users can invite anyone
to temporary sessions. This allows
people to participate in protected
conversations instantly
( without registration ) and
completely for free.
We don’t collect any data from
Just Mail users’ activities. We can’t
analyse emails or give someone
else access to them. All data ever
sent through our platform can
be deleted in a second.
Can’t wait no more? Be the first to try Just Mail and register
your email before anyone else. Just $10. Just on Kickstarter.
Your Modern-day Security
& Instant Migration.
We are working hard on fast and user friendly applications for
all existing desktop and mobile platforms. All you need to be
secured is to sign up to Just Mail and invite your friends and
collegues into protected conversations. You can communicate
with the whole world staying safe.
Just Your
Our mission is to build a 
unique space where people 
can communicate and 
collaborate feeling safe and 
secure. We want man to be 
free again.
Be Free. Play by
Your Rules.
We are happy you have joined us. See you soon!
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