Adaptive Vs. Responsive Layouts and Optimal Text Readability

So you're short on time. You've got a deadline, and you really need to get your post published. There's no flexibility for perfectionism, this time, there is simply point A, point B, and the chasm between the two.

Allow me to introduce you to the fastest way to put proverbial pen-to-paper and send that blockbuster post down the production line in the shortest time possible.

Inner Header

When I first started blogging, it was like torture. Even when I had a good idea for a blog post, I'd still sit there for hours wondering how best to put it together. Would it get read? Was it good enough?

There would be the inevitable research period of just gathering all the information needed for the post, followed by the cross-checking of every other possible angle of that research. Then the writing began. Sporadically. Stop, start, stop, start. Start again.

I was always trying to find a narrative, but failing to grasp where (if anywhere) the story was actually going.